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Do You Need A Prescription For Zetia In Canada

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After one week I had an overall feeling of un-wellness. My job requires physical labor, and I began to experience sharp pain in my hip and knee

ezetimibe (Zetia)

Upon standing, I felt like I couldn’t move. This was the first medication I have ever been prescribed and the experience has inspired a committed effort to control through lifestyle. Was on it 90 days and have been feeling sick most of that time. Stopped taking it today. My primary care doctor took me off of it for a month. Hopefully, it will make a difference. My husband took Zetia along with stantin, Crestor.

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Within a week, his leg muscles inflamed and shut down his kidneys and liver. He has been in the hospital for over a month and his condition has not improved. He is an alcoholic and his liver failed with Zetia. Within the first year of the ImProveit study I could no longer walk due to severe hip and chest pain.

Do You Need A Prescription For Zetia In Canada

Tried various other statins with no improvement until after termination. Was put on ezetimibe only and had terrible muscle pains the first two weeks that diminished into the second month and became manageable. No explanation from Dr. Anyone else have increased LDL? I took it alone, without a statin and my cholesterol dropped 50 points. No side effects whatsoever.

Do You Need A Prescription For Zetia In Canada

I have no idea why there are so many negative reviews, I absolutely love it. Over the next 4 weeks my entire back, neck, shoulders, hips and legs started hurting all the time. I quit taking it a week ago but my lower back is still in pain.

How long after I stop taking it does it take for the side effects to go away? My husband take it and his body tolerants, even though he has colon cancer with major surgery and has one kidney.

Do You Need A Prescription For Zetia In Canada

I had high hopes for zetia to treat my high cholesterol, but I can live in so much pain. Diarrhea, stomach pains, headache, leg pain. As per my analysis, don’t skip needs. Above the information is published on www. My pain canada started shooting threw the roof. Could not sleep do to pain. It only took 2 day for my problems to increase to Zetia 9 pain. I normal on my med stay at a very control You 3 pain.

That Aglia pain For very prescription with this med.

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Made me feel awful and not myself. I am quitting and calling my doctor. I have been Lipitor, Pravastatin, Crestor, Vytorin, etc. The statins caused unbearable prescription where I was unable to walk more than 10 feet – my shins, thighs and back were killing me. Zetia was small and easy to swallow. Zetia am 63 years old and have been on cholesterol medicines for 30 years. Have tried all statins but this one really gave me a bad experience. Only took half a pill so glad I did not follow the full prescription.

My nurse practitioner You my symptoms were unusual. I feel like I would just rather chance having a heart attack. Anyway took Zetia at 10: Looks like Zetia is canada. Could NOT live like this. Still burning legs at noon the For need. I’m in the bathroom every two hours and have terrible gas. My back and arms and legs hurt all the time, even though its not a statin.

I’m depressed, which I think is from not being able to really do anything without a bathroom near. Plus, it seems that my cholesterol has actually gone up instead. I see my heart doctor soon, we’ll discuss it, Do You Need A Prescription For Zetia In Canada.


My LDL is 82. I get afib attack when thyroid becomes close to hyper. Am taking every other day til gone. My total cholesterol is 160. My doctor decided to try Zetia. My cholesterol level dropped from 260 down to 180. After all the side effects I had from statins I did not expect this to be any better but have not really experienced any side effects from Zetia Report.